Weekly Program Guide for All Channels - Apr 03, 2020 to Apr 09, 2020
Friday5:00 PMTOB032020SpecialMtgLIVE
Friday5:42 PM03-20-20VirtualTownHallLIVE
Friday7:00 PMBoard of Ed MeetingLIVE
Friday9:06 PM3-26-20TownHallLIVE
Saturday9:15 AMSupervisors Show FebruaryLIVE
Saturday9:30 AMTown of Bedford 3-3LIVE
Saturday10:58 AMBoard of Ed MeetingLIVE
Saturday7:30 PMTOB032020SpecialMtgLIVE
Saturday8:12 PM03-20-20VirtualTownHallLIVE
Saturday9:03 PM3-26-20TownHallLIVE
Sunday2:00 PMBoard of Ed MeetingLIVE
Sunday4:06 PMTOB032020SpecialMtgLIVE
Sunday4:48 PM03-20-20VirtualTownHallLIVE
Sunday5:39 PM3-26-20TownHallLIVE
Monday10:00 AMTOB032020SpecialMtgLIVE
Monday10:42 AM03-20-20VirtualTownHallLIVE
Monday11:33 AM3-26-20TownHallLIVE
Monday7:00 PMBoard of Ed MeetingLIVE
Tuesday10:00 AMBoard of Ed MeetingLIVE
Tuesday4:45 PMSupervisors Show FebruaryLIVE
Tuesday5:00 PMTown of Bedford 3-3LIVE
Tuesday6:28 PMTOB032020SpecialMtgLIVE
Tuesday7:11 PM03-20-20VirtualTownHallLIVE
Tuesday8:01 PM3-26-20TownHallLIVE
Wednesday9:00 AMTOB032020SpecialMtgLIVE
Wednesday9:42 AM03-20-20VirtualTownHallLIVE
Wednesday10:33 AM3-26-20TownHallLIVE
Wednesday7:00 PMBoard of Ed MeetingLIVE
Thursday11:00 AMTOB032020SpecialMtgLIVE
Thursday11:42 AM03-20-20VirtualTownHallLIVE
Thursday12:33 PM3-26-20TownHallLIVE
Thursday7:45 PMSupervisors Show FebruaryLIVE
*This schedule is valid as of 2:32 AM on Sunday, April 5, 2020 and is subject to change.  Refresh this screen often for the most up-to-date scheduling information.